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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural aroma of their source. Although they provide a scent, they are very different from, synthetic fragrance oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, carrier oils, infused oils, etc. At Devi Wellness Co. we carefully select pure, authentic essential oils obtained through steam distillation for their healing and aromatherapy benefits. Unlike other methods of extraction, steam distillation (and expression/cold-pressed) is an organic process, one which uses no chemical solvent, to separate the essential oil from its corresponding plant.

We ensure the essential oils we use are from a reputable source even if it means paying more. For example true Rose Otto oil costs about $40 for 5mL. All of our products have a light, natural scent because we add essential oils in the safest dilutions primarily for their skin benefits not scent. Reputable sources only sell high-grade/therapeutic essential oils and are happy to offer more information on the method of extraction of each oil they carry whereas other sources may not have that information readily available.

Most fruits, except for citrus, cannot effectively be distilled to produce essential oils. Mango, strawberry, green apple, passionfruit, cherry, etc. essential oils simply do not exist. However strawberry and cherry seed oils, do exist as carrier oils but have a rather nutty aroma. Although citrus can be steam-distilled, most citrus oils (Wild orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and Bergamot) are cold-pressed from the rind. Cold-pressed citrus oils are not recommended for use on the skin as they are phototoxic, meaning they can make skin very sensitive to sun.

True essential oils have unique properties and should not be used carelessly. For example lemongrass is drying, which is great for those with excess sebum, but not so great for those with dry skin. We have done extensive research on every essential oil used in our products to make sure that they are safe and effective on skin since these essential oils will be absorbed topically via our products. We hope you appreciate the thought that goes into creating each one of our products.

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