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Our Commitment to Eco-friendly Packaging

Offering our products in eco-friendly packaging is of great importance to us. Unfortunately Canada has very limited eco-friendly options to choose from and eco-friendly options tend to cost more, at times a lot more, especially if sourcing from across the border.

For the soap boxes we settled on 100% recycled kraft cardboard boxes and uncoated labels. This way both label and box can be recycled and if thrown away can decompose on its own.

All our labels are printed on either kraft, or white recycled/uncoated paper where kraft wasn't available as an option. This is good news for the environment however it also means our labels are not oil/water resistant. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a good thing because labels are dissolvable (easily removable) and the containers are reusable.

The only container we have made from plastic, is our body butter container which is BPA free and made of PET plastic. PET plastic is 100% recyclable, however we are hoping to eventually swap them out for aluminum tins. In the meantime we hope to offer a re-fill option to local customers purchasing our body butters.

Our bags are made from recycled, uncoated paper. As tempting as it was to stamp our logo onto the paper bags, we opted not to. We are hoping this would encourage the customer to reuse the gift bag rather than recycle it.

In an effort to reduce paper consumption only first-time orders will come with a thank you card. Orders will not come with any additional product information, instructions, ingredient lists, etc. on paper. All information will be available via our website.

Although we feel that we are off to a pretty good start in terms of packaging, we are always looking for suggestions to improve especially when we start shipping. Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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