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Ingredient Spotlight: Vetiver

The above photo depicts the roots of the vetiver plant which is a green grass native to India. It has a very pleasant, earthy scent and is used for its soothing and grounding properties. In skincare it is used for it's high antioxidant content which helps slow down the aging process. Vetiver essential oil, also commonly called Khus oil in the Eastern parts of the world, is extracted from the roots. However the roots can also be dried, ground into a powder, and added to herbal bath powder. Herbal bath powder, also called kuliyal powder/kuliyal podi/mooligai powder is a natural cleanser used in place of soap, suitable for all skin types even that of babies. When made the right way, it consists of up to 20+ herbs and dried flowers which nourish the skin and balance the skin's natural pH promoting a healthy, even complexion and blemish-free skin.

Throughout the last year we've been researching the ingredients that are traditionally used, figuring our their names English or at least their common names. As expected most of these herbs cannot be bought in North America and most of it is difficult to source especially when the quality of the ingredients is not known. We've finally been able to source all but one ingredient and hopefully we'll be able to get that soon. When that day comes, we'll definitely be offering Herbal Bath Powder via Devi Wellness Company.

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