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What do You Support When You Support Our Small Shop?

When you see more and more small shop products labelled as natural, organic, vegan, etc. do you wonder if these are actually values the entrepreneur/company believes in or if they are simply using terms to fit an ongoing trend and push sales of their products? Sometimes it's quite obvious that sales are the goal over ethics especially when products labelled organic are of a bright hue or contain an ingredient that is artificial. Marketing a small business is fairly easy in that you can essentially use any term without repercussions, cut and paste blurbs from Google, and convince your audience that you are knowledgeable without having to do actual research.

How many small shop owners that promote vegan products practice a vegan lifestyle? How many small shop owners that claim their products are eco-friendly actually do their part to reduce their carbon footprint? How many shop owners that label their products organic, support organic farming or are infact using organic ingredients? The reality is that not everyone is as knowledgeable, honest, and transparent as they appear to be especially when it comes to business and profit.

When you support this small shop, you get a decade of research and and honest products made with organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free ingredients and eco-friendly packaging because that's what we truly believe in. I've been a vegetarian for 18 years, I've marched at climate change protests, and haven't used cling wrap, aluminum foil, Zip-loc bags or laundry detergent in eight years. I've written about various environmental and health topics and promoted holistic living through my blog. I've boycotted brands that partake in unethical practices (eg. chocolate companies) and turned down many high paid opportunities to work with big brands via my blog simply due to them not aligning with my values.

Our products reflect my values and have been tested for three years prior to selling. However don't simply take my word for it. Ask any and every question as it is important to do your own research before purchasing any product, especially those that claim to be organic, vegan, all natural, etc. without certification (ours included).

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