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Essential Oils During Pregnancy

At Devi Wellness Co. we carefully select pure, authentic essential oils obtained through steam distillation for their healing and aromatherapy benefits. We also ensure the essential oils we use are from a reputable source since these oils will be absorbed topically via your skin. However when pregnant and choosing wellness products with essential oils incorporated in them, it is always best to proceed with caution as mentionned in the disclaimer portion of our website. True essential oils have unique properties and should be diluted properly and used carefully especially while pregnant as they can cross the placental barrier and potentially affect the growing fetus. The method in which you choose to use essential oils in addition to how often you use them are the deciding factors in how much can potentially cross the placenta. For example consuming, diffusing or inhaling essential oils allows the body to more readily absorb it than through topical application which has a very low chance to enter your bloodstream and thus placenta.

Regardless of application method, a few essential oils are considered unsafe if overused due to the nature of their chemical components. For example clary sage is avoided during pregnancy as it can bring about uterine contractions. Basil and Fennel have the ability to bring on contractions as well. Ainseed can raise estrogen levels. Pennyroyal and parsley seed and leaf essential oils are unsafe due to their high phenol compound. Excessive use of camphor can potentially break down red blood cells. Excessive use of Wintergreen or Birch, due to it's high methyl salicylate compound, can thin the blood. Even so according to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, essential oil toxicity during pregnancy is exclusively a result of the pregnant woman taking large, unsafe, undiluted doses of essential oils. Fortunately there have been no reported cases of miscarriage or defects as a result of correct therapeutic use of any oil.

Some of our wellness products incorporate these aforementionned oils. AGNI incorporates Wintergreen, THULASI incorporates basil, and our adult chest rub incorporates camphor. All these oils are therapeutic grade and diluted correctly as part of a blend of other oils and so should cause no harm if used as intended. Use at your own discretion. On another note, keep in mind that skin can become quite sensitive during pregnancy so it is always important to perform a patch test 24 hours prior to use.

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