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January/February 2021

We are incredibly fortunate to live in a country full of opportunities where we can turn our entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Since having successfully launched my small business, I couldn't help but think of how many women in third world countries, with the same dreams are unable to start a business and become financially independent simply because they don't have the resources or support to do so. As a result one of the personal goals I made for 2021 was to empower another woman by helping her start her journey into entrepreneurship and secure financial freedom. When I made this goal I had no idea in regards to how or when I would do get the opportunity to fufill it.

When I saw Canadian Tamils' Humanitarian's recent call for a donor to fund a Tamil woman's dream of entrepreneurship, I knew this would be the perfect initiative to invest in for the months of January and February. For the months of January and February we have partnered with CTHA Canada to help Jeevalatha Selliah, a single mother of three young kids, set up a home kitchen which would provide home cooked meals for locals in the community which in turn will provide her with the income needed to take care of herself and children. A portion of all sales from today throughout February will go towards this initiative. As always, thank you for helping us do our part in giving back.

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